Friday, April 14, 2006

What happens after you apply for Social Security Disability or SSI ?

Unfortunately, this is a question that doesn't get answered very often. However, addressing this one particular question is fairly important.

What happens after you apply? This is assuredly a mystery for most disability claimants and it isn't hard to guess why since most Claims reps (the individuals at the social security office who take disability applicants) do little to explain to SSD and SSI claimants how the disability evaluation process works.

In fact, many claimants never become aware of the fact that an agency called Disability Determination Services (DDS) actually handles the medical determination for their case. And, of the individuals who do become aware of this fact, many never learn that they may check the status of their claim by contacting the disability examiner handling their case.

In brief, this is what happens after you apply for either social security disability or ssi benefits. Your file is transferred to disability determination services (these days, electronically) and there it is assigned to a specialist, otherwise known as a disability examiner.

Typically, on the same day the examiner receives your file, he or she will send medical record request letters to the various doctors, hospitals, and clinics indicated on your disability application. And, for the most part, until those records are received, your case will sit and wait. Sometimes it waits a relatively short time. But in the overwhelming majority of cases, it waits a long time. However, once the records come in, the examiner will be in a position to start the decision-making process on your claim.

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