Thursday, November 02, 2006

Florida Disability Lawyers - Advice on Disability Claims

If you are filing for social security disability or SSI, or have already filed, and are looking for representation in the state of Florida, you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding assistance. A search for, florida disability lawyers, will generally result in about five million pages on google. Which is not surprising since Florida is one of the most populous states in the nation and generally ranks 4th (behind California, Texas, and New York).

I came across the website of a social security disability lawyer practicing in Florida and he had some good advice to offer regarding medical treatment and prescription medication. One piece of advice was this: get treatment by whatever means possible.

This is an issue I've written about before, both on this blog and on Disability Secrets. It's fairly obvious to everyone that the outcome of a social security disability or ssi claim will come down to what is in a claimant's medical records. For example, a disability claimant's older medical records can be useful for establishing the onset of a claimant's medical impairments (which can have a direct impact on the amount of backpay an approved claimant may receive). And a claimant's most recent medical records can determine whether or not they are currently disabled (in the eyes of the social security administration) and, thus, eligible to receive disability benefits.

The only problem is, the disability system is not something that most applicants can get through very quickly. In many instances, the social security disability (and ssi) system can take 2-3 years to navigate (from the time a claim is initially filed until the time a disability hearing date is date). And its very common for claimants, at some point in the process, to no longer have health insurance.

For someone who is filing for disability benefits, having health insurance is doubly important because it not only ensures access to needed medical care, it allows for the continued development of one's documented medical history.

What do you do if you lose your health insurance coverage while your disability claim is trapped in the system? You do whatever you have to do to get seen and that includes emergency rooms, free clinics, and the health department. If you have a long history with your medical provider, it may also be possible to continue receiving treatment from your doctor during the time you are filing for disability and are uninsured---however, this will be entirely up to your medical provider and the unfortunate, increasing trend is that once you are uninsured, they may no longer see you.

Of course, its because of issues such as this (lack of access to medical care and the financial difficulties associated with filing for disability) that an individual who is pursuing disability benefits should do so as carefully and yet also as aggressively as possible. Meaning this: if you get denied, file an appeal well within the deadline. If the social security administration sends you correspondence, respond to it immediately. And, of course, when the time is right (usually when you have been denied), get representation. There are a number of florida disability lawyers who possess solid experience in social security claims and can provide able and qualified assistance.

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