Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I like the new Bond

I went to see the latest outing, and incarnation, of 007 last night. And I have to say I really liked it, though I may not have enjoyed it extremely much. That sounds like a contradictory statement I'm sure, so let me clarify. I agree fully with a couple movie critics whose reviews were dead-on with my own perceptions: there were definitely segments of the film that could have been thrown on the cutting room floor with no loss of affect for the movie-goer. And in more than one instance, I had no clear idea of what was happening with regard to the plot-line. Essentially, the film was a bit uneven and muddled.

Having said that, though, this is probably the most interesting Bond we've seen yet. This time out, his character is portrayed as a ruthless killer, whose dispassionate nature unsettles even his superior, M. Playing Bond in this fashion, of course, makes the final segment of the movie even more engaging since Bond falls in love with the woman who's been assigned to work wih him. For her, he tenders his resignation and leaves his line of work.

Of course, when this happens everyone should expect the obvious, which is:

1. The love interest will be killed


2. The love interest will betray him.

I won't comment any further on what actually happens, but this is the first Bond film I can recall that ends squarely on a moment of the character seeking revenge, and doing it in a manner that, apparently, will deliver him a fair amount of satisfaction, and, dare we say, pleasure.

The movie had some kinks, to be sure, but I would definitely recommend seeing it for this one simple reason. I can't wait to see the next one.

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