Saturday, December 30, 2006

Disability Applications

Individuals who are considering filing for disability benefits with the social security administration can file a claim online or in person at their local social security office. And interviews for social security disability and SSI claims can even be conducted over the phone for claimants who do not have internet access or have transportation issues.

When should you submit a disability application to the social security administration? If you find yourself unable to work and earn a substantially gainful income due to one or more mental or physical impairments, you should file immediately with no hesitation. Disability applications in most states involve many months of processing at the initial application level, at the first appeal level (known as reconsideration or review), and, particularly, at the disability hearing level. Due to this fact alone, a potential claimant should initiate a disability application ASAP simply to get their claim "in the pipeline". The following links may provide some helpful information on the subject of disability applications.

Disability applications - how do you apply for social security disability or SSI?

Applying for disability benefits on the basis of more than one medical problem

Disability applications - what happens after you apply for disability benefits

Advice for Disability applications

Disability applications - can you apply for disability and SSI also?

How are decisions on disability claims made?

What to do if you get turned down for disability ?

Information about Social Security disability and SSI disability appeals

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