Tuesday, December 19, 2006

If I get approved for SSD or SSI disability will I get back pay ?

This is number nine in our list of mistakes not to make on a social security disability or SSI claim. Don't assume that you won't receive back pay if you get approved for disability benefits.

In a small percentage of social security disability and SSI cases, a disability claimant will receive neglible back pay. However, it is rare for a disability claimant to not receive backpay at all. And this is for a fairly simple reason.

Disability backpay is based on 1. when an individual applied for disability benefits and 2. when it was decided (by a disability examiner or a disability judge) that their disability actually began. Of course, since the majority of all social security disability and SSI disability claims take an extraordinarily lengthy amount of time to process, it is not surprising in the least that most claimants are owed disability back pay benefits. And often, backpay is payable in thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

One important point to keep in mind regarding back pay is this: because backpay is based on the date of a claimant's application and on the date of a claimant's established onset (when their disability began) it will be important to prove the earliest possible onset. In other words, the farther back one's disability can be proven, the greater the backpay amount may potentially be.

Typically, this is one of the chief roles of a disability representative (an attorney or non attorney representative): to establish the most favorable onset date possible for a claimant so the claimant may receive the greatest amount of back pay.

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