Thursday, April 12, 2007

List and News roundup

Internet Songbird

This is a pretty interesting story, though this sort of thing is becoming increasingly more common. But it illustrates how different the world is today from just ten years ago. Today, if you want to take part in political discussion or "throw out" information in a topic area that's of interest to you, you can put up your own website or blog. And, depending on the type of web vehicle you choose, you can be up and running in a day, or in just under an hour! Information and the free flow of information. It's what keeps a democracy strong (among other things, of course).

Being green and the price of meat

This is one aspect of the whole corn-ethanol thing, I have to admit, that I did not even glimpse. As more corn is turned over to alternative fuel production, there is correspondingly less corn for livestock feed. Which means, of course, that the cost of meat goes up. Well, in my own case, with a family history of heart disease, I should probably cut back on beef anyway. But, you know, I have to wonder if this is just another opportunity in disguise for some entrepeneur to come up with... an alternative form of livestock feed.

China on Tuesday reacted harshly to a US decision to take it to the World Trade Organisation over piracy and copyright protection

China has had a bad reaction over this and says this will seriously damage business ties between the communist people's republic and the U.S. Oh brother! So what is what I say. Hey, we can get cheap goods that break within 30 days (every electronics item I have ever bought that was manufactured in China did this. A couple didn't even last one day out of the box) from just about anyyyywwwwhhherrreeeee. And, to be honest, I think we should. Why should our trade dollars help support the military buildup of the PRC?

And, now, the list (yes, do the drumroll)-------

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