Monday, April 23, 2007

SSDI and working -- or not working

I just came across a post by jungletart ( Apparently, at some point, I linked to her blog to use a post as an example of the potential dangers of trying to work while receiving social security disability or SSI.

I will say that I completely agree with the central premise of her post which is this: being on disability shouldn't mean that you have to put your life on a hanger, put it in a closet, and then never open the door again. The simple truth is, the act of working can be gratifying and fulfilling even if the "actual work itself" is not, simply because working keeps you out among others and connected to the world. And I really don't think I've met anyone who wanted to be on disability as opposed to being healthy and able to work.

Having said that, though, I have on several occasions tried to illustrate the point that if you receive disability benefits, you need to be careful. I have, over the last few years, run into a number of instances in which disability recipients have found themselves in awful situations (that sometimes involved overpayments) that began with a return to work.

Here are links to prior posts I've made on the subject of work and disability. And I may have to edit those pages if they don't indicate the current SGA amount which this year is $900.

To recap, if you are on disability and want to try working to get out in the world and earn a little more money, you shouldn't feel constrained to not do this. However, be careful and be extremely diligent in the area of reporting your work activity to SSA. And on the subject of reporting, I would not personally be content with calling the SSA 800 number. And, at the risk of being too cautious, I would probably make at least one personal visit to my local social security office to make sure that I was able to notify someone face-to-face that I had resumed work activity. It just happens too many times that the social security administration is notified of work activity and then claims to have never received notificiation--- with the end result that a benefit recipient is left staring at an overpayment assessment.

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