Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Disability Hearings in Fort Wayne Indiana are taking 21 months

"“Families are torn apart. Homes are lost. Medical conditions deteriorate. Many claimants die while they wait for a decision,” she said."

That quote came from the executive directory of Nosscr, the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives. And it is unfortunate that there is not a single drop of exaggeration in the quote.

Given the current state of the social security disability SSI evaluation system, people do, in fact go bankrupt, lose their homes, get sicker, and even die while waiting for either a decision to be made on a social security disability or SSI disability case, or for a disability hearing to be scheduled.

As the article linked below states, there are actually 26 other offices in the country with longer wait times for social security disability hearings. That means, that in those areas, individuals who are disabled and unable to work are more likely to lose everything they have, everything they have worked for, while the federal government does nothing to fix the disability evaluation system that millions of Americans must, at some point, be forced to turn to.

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