Saturday, June 30, 2007

Social Security Disability and Medical Benefits from Medicare

Sometimes it is the mere phrasing of a fact or concept that causes a substantial amount of confusion that continues to reverberate for years.

I was looking at a page on the website and the reference to medicare eligibility did not use the phrasing you hear very often which is "two year wait for medicare". Instead, the page used this phrasing: "In the SSDI program, disability beneficiaries generally become entitled to Medicare in their 25 th month of entitlement."

This really is a better way of referring to the waiting period because it does not plant within a person's head the idea that, after you are approved for social security disability, you must then wait an additional two years to start receiving medicare benefits. Instead, it refers to how the wait actually works, that medicare benefits begin, in most cases, in the 25th month of social security disability entitlement.

Aren't they the same thing, some might wonder? No, not at all. To say that someone will receive medicare in their twenty-fifth month of SSDI entitlement is very different from saying they have to wait two years after they've been approved for SSDI (social security disability insurance).

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