Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tips for filing a Social Security Disability Reconsideration

If you file for disability and are denied, it is generally to your advantage to file an appeal versus starting a brand new application. The reconsideration is the second step in the social security disability evaluation process and is the first appeal available to claimants. Here are a few short tips for filing a reconsideration.

1. When you file a reconsideration, provide updated information regarding ny new treatment sources, or regarding recent visits to treatment sources (doctors, hospitals, clinics).

2. If possible, submit your most recent medical records with your reconsideration. Why? Because, in most cases, a disability application or reconsideration will be held up by the wait for medical records (disability examiners request your records as soon as they receive your case, but it can take weeks or even months for a hospital or doctor's office to comply with the request).

3. If you kept a copy of your disability application (Assuming, of your course, that you didn't file your claim online. Keeping a copy of your application for disability, by the way, is very sound advice because, in the event that the social security administration "cannot find" what you have submitted, you'll have the information on hand), refer to it to make sure there wasn't something you left off when you originally went to apply for social security disability or ssi. In fact, it is very common for disability applicants to mistakenly leave off treatment sources and even impairments for which they are being treated. Of course, if you discover that something was left off your application, you'll want to include this on your reconsideration appeal.

4. Get the reconsideration turned in immediately. You have 60 days plus five days mailing time to do this, but every day you wait adds more time to the process and puts you, financially, in a worse position. Ideally, you should try to submit your reconsideration in the same week that you are notified that your disability application has been turned down.

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