Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Trial Work Period for Social Security Disability

In the federal government's social security disability insurance program, the trial work period can allow a disability benefit recipient to test their ability to engage in work activity for at least nine months. During this period of trial work, a social security disability benefit recipient can receive their full benefits, according to SSA "regardless of how high their earnings might be so long as their work activity has been reported and they continue to have a disabling impairment".

Trial work periods continue until a social security disability benefit recipient accumulates nine months of countable work activity a.k.a services (which do not have to be consecutive) within a rolling sixty month period (which must be consecutive). How is "services" (countable work activity) defined? A countable month of work activity or services is a month in which a social security disability recipient either A. earns more than $640.00 in a countable month of work activity OR B. works more than 80 self-employed hours.

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