Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How many veterans disability claims are backlogged?

According to a writer for, there are currently six hundred thousand veterans disability claims at the VA. However, four hundred thousand of these are considered to be backlogged claims.

In the same article, the writer, Rick Maze, mentions a fairly radical proposal to address veterans disability claims that has the interest of the Veteran's Affairs Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. And here it is: To automatically pay an veteran's claim for benefits after only discerning that the claimant is, in fact, a veteran.

Who supports this? Obviously, certain members of this house committee. Who is against this? According to the article, the VA itself.

Now, let's analyze why politicians might support such a thing. And the answer is pandering. Sure, just pay any disability claim brought forward by a vet simply because he is a vet. Don't gather his or her medical records, don't review the records, and don't make any kind of medical determination as to the presence of a disability or address the extent to which the disability exists.

If this isn't pandering for votes, I don't know what is. Obviously, this is not a workable idea and the VA knows it. And, to be sure, these politicians know it too. So, why bother even floating this kind of idea. So they can later say, when they're campaigning for votes, that they supported this malarkey. Vets should be insulted at this type of pandering and condescension by politicians who are only thinking of furthering their "lifetime" political calling.

What disabled vets need is the same thing that social security disability claimants need. Fair consideration, full consideration, accurate consideration, and speedy consideration. And that usually means hiring more warm bodies to do the job of claim evaluation.

That's certainly true with Social security disability, and it would seem to be true with veterans claims as well.

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