Sunday, July 22, 2007

Social Security Disability Cases in Tennessee

I came across a fairly informative article written by a Tennessee Social Security Disability Attorney.

According to the writer, in the state of Tennessee:

1. Seventy percent of individuals filing for social security disability are denied. This is actually the national average regarding denials of social security disability claims.

2. 93 percent of all disability claimants who file a request for reconsideration in Tennessee (reconsiderations are the first level of appeal for individuals who have been turned down on a social security disability claim) are denied. This rate of denial exceeds the national average which is 85 percent (actually, the exact percentage is 84.9 %).

3. In Memphis, Tennessee, the average processing time for a social security disability or SSI disability case is 450 days, while the average processing time in Nashville, Tennessee is 550 days. The national average is 274 days.

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