Thursday, August 23, 2007

Social Security Disability - Foreclosures on their way up

This is not strictly speaking a social security disability or SSI issue; however, it is related if you consider how many applicants for disability benefits end up in the position of having to file for bankruptcy to avoid home foreclosure (having to wait up to three years for disability benefits sometimes makes this outcome inevitable for many claimants---and this is why the system is, undeniably, broken).

U.S. home foreclosures have jumped ninety-three percent from the preceding year. In other words, they have practically doubled. Interesting that this is happening despite the fact that the current administration keeps telling us how strong the economy is.

In fact, the administration was recently surprised, and perhaps annoyed, to hear that much of the electorate is unhappy with the state of the economy. But I guess they haven't been to the grocery store lately. The cost of so many basic foods is up, including the cost of staples like milk, eggs, and cheese.

True, some of this is due to increased demand for corn crops from ethanol producers (thus, lowering the availability of corn meal for dairy livestock, and raising its prices, which, naturally, gets passed on to consumers in higher food costs). But, its undeniable that high fuel costs are working their way into food delivery costs and, consequently, grocery store prices.

So, where's the national energy policy we've heard about? Was that simply rhetoric? Does it interfere too much with big oil interests who provide too much lobbying money for politicians to plan effectively for the long term interests of the nation?

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