Monday, August 27, 2007

Social Security Disability Scam

The link at the bottom of this post leads to a story regarding social security disability fraud. The outcome of this story is that the individuals involved were found guilty of providing false information to the social security administration. How much did they owe SSA for this? $99,131!

These individuals placed themselves in this situation and what makes it particularly sad is two-fold.

1. They were both approved for disability at one point, one for a back injury and one for diabetes.

2. These individuals, who were ordered to pay restitution, are in their mid-fifties. It's not likely that they will ever be able to pay this money back. And, because of this, they may never be able to draw retirement benefit at the age that their disability benefits would ordinarily have converted over to retirment status.

Why did they do it? There's no way around saying it. They were dishonest. However, if you see how much they were getting for disability benefits (one received $637 a month and other received $507 a month), you can see what motivated the husband to try earn more money by working. And the article states that they were also attempting to help their grandchildren.

Neither individual had any criminal history. They were both at one point awarded disability, were not getting much in benefits (can anyone really believe that benefit amounts like this are sufficient?), and needed, according to their statements, to help family.

They simply made a bad decision, given the possible and, in this case, the actual consequences.

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