Monday, September 24, 2007

Fixing the Social Security System and other BS

Here's an article (linked below) written by AP Economics Writer, Martin Crutsinger. It's titled "Administration Urges Social Security Fix" and it's fairly short. I suppose, however, it doesn't need to be much longer since it translates to pure BS.

Apparently, the current administration in Washington has come up with an ingenious new plan for making social security (and, by extension, social security disability) solvent. what is that plan? Cutting benefits to beneficiaries or raising taxes on John Q. Public. Or, possibly both.

Of course, a better plan by far would have been for the concept of a social security lock box to really mean something. In other words, the continued solvency of the social security and social security disability system would not be in question if Congress and the White House could allow money collected by taxpayers for social security to actually remain in the fund.

I purposely omitted the word "trust" from the phrase "trust fund", because who on earth trusts the dastardly 536 anymore? I certainly don't.

(note: 435 congressman, 100 senators, one president = the dastardly 536)

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