Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why do some people file for disability benefits so often?

In the post prior to this one, I addressed the fact that, in nearly every case, a person who has been denied for disability should file an appeal instead of a new disability application.

One thing I didn't mention, however, is this. As a disability examiner, I routinely came across cases in which it was obvious that a claimant had applied many times without ever once filing a disability appeal. In fact, every now and then I would encounter cases in which a claimant had applied for disability as many as seventeen times.

In the last post, I pointed out why it is in a claimant's best interests to appeal and why it is usually not in a claimant's best interests to apply all over again. And I would think the advantages and disadvantages for these options would be obvious.

The question becomes, of course, why do so many claimants choose to keep filing versus using the appeal system. And the only answer I can come up with is that the social security administration does a particularly poor job of informing claimants of their appeal rights and options.

So, in a hypothetical agenda for improving the social security disability system, this would definitely be one area to seek improvement in.

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