Friday, October 12, 2007

Making bogus 911 calls a Punishable Crime

The article linked below describes something I would not have believed before reading about it. That is, false and trivial calls made to 911 emergency call centers. Actually, this was a subject that was on my mind recently after reading a story about a child (I believe under the age of seven) who had made numerous calls to 911. The story made me wonder how many children and adolescent pranksters tie up the very valuable minutes of 911 operators. But it never entered my mind that adults--completely irresponsible and idiotic adults--would make calls to 911 for anything other than a true emergency (the article indicates that one caller actually phoned in to complain about a traffic situation, as if 911 has anything remotely to do with that.

Massachusetts State Senator, Jim Timilty, is filing legislation to criminalize these types of calls with possible penalities of a year in jail or one thousand dollars.

In all honesty, I don't think a person found guilty of doing such a thing (tying up a 911 operator and potentially putting another individual who is experiencing a true emergency at risk because of the delay) should even be given the $1000.00 option of buying their way out. I would simply elect for jail time for people found guilty of this.

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