Thursday, December 20, 2007

Detrimental Changes to Social Security

I have no idea who posted the following article regarding proposed changes to the social security disability process, but the article conducts a fairly compelling evaluation of possible changes afoot.

I won't comment on the entire article (linked below). However, one aspect that I find completely appalling is the notion of preventing the submission of medical evidence after a certain point prior to a hearing. The proposed change stipulates that medical evidence needs to submitted no later than five days prior to a hearing.

How realistic is this? Not one bit. Anyone who has ever gone through the act of preparing for a disability hearing knows full well that, on average, at least one (and often several) medical record request will be outstanding on the day the hearing is held.

The simple fact is, a disability attorney, or non-attorney representative has little control over how fast a hospital or clinc complies with a request for records. In fact, this reality should be obvious to the social security administration since the wait for requested records is one of the chief holdups in the processing of an initial claim or request for reconsideration

Link to the article: Changes to Social Security Disability: Detrimental to people with disabilities?

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