Monday, January 14, 2008

Disability Claims in Indiana

The link at the bottom of the page leads to an article titled "Years lost in wait for disability payments" and subtitled "Social Security tries to control overwhelming backlog".

The article focuses on the case of a Mr. Robert Auer. And it also highlights some statistics regarding disability claims in the state of Indiana.

1. There are apparently 23 disability judges in Indiana.

2. Each administrative law judge handles an average of 1,149 social security disability and SSI cases in a year.

Again, I have to point out that this is yet again another article that focuses entirely on social security hearing s and says nothing about the staffing problem in social security field offices.

My bet is this: since no one ever finds it expedient to discuss the problems with employee retention and hiring in the various social security offices, this problem will simply build and build to the point where it may not be fixable.

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