Monday, March 24, 2008

Filing for Disability with Fibromyalgia - it has its own problems

Social security disability and SSI disability claims filed on the basis of fibromyalgia have the same difficulties as other claims, including:

1. High denial rates at the disability application and reconsideration appeal levels.

2. Long waits for decisions at every level.

3. Very long waits for disability hearings to be scheduled.

4. And a system that, on its face, can seem complex and confusing.

Unfortunately, fibromyalgia disability claims have their problems, problems that are unique to an allegation of FMS on a disability claim. One of those problems is the fact that a fibromyalgia claimant can find it difficult to obtain documentary support from their treating physician (even at a time when medications are beginning to be prescribed specifically for the treatment of FMS, e.g. lyrica, there are doctors in practice who still regard the condition as a myth). The other is the fact that the social security administration does not focus a significant amount of consideration toward fibromyalgia as a condition in its own right (FMS does not currently appear as an impairment in the social security administration's impairment listing manual and disability examiner, the individuals who make decisions on claims, often deride the condition).

I've put together a list of prior posts from this blog and listed it below. Some of these posts deal specifically with fibromyalgia and others simply address issues that are relevant to all SSD and SSI disability cases. If you read through all of them, you may find some of the information redundant (the nature of blogging is to be somewhat redundant, of course). But, hopefully, each post/article will offer its own kernel of information that you may find useful.

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