Monday, April 07, 2008

Spinal Decompression Helps Back Pain Sufferers

Many health experts recommend surgery for back pain. While surgery can help, it is expensive, invasive and has a long recovery time, making the debilitation worse before it is better. Many opt to get surgery, especially for degenerative disc disease, but others are searching for an alternative treatment.

Fortunately, there is a new treatment that is proving helpful for back pain sufferers, especially those with sciatica, spinal stenosis and herniated disc. The treatment is rumored to take away pain faster, while getting those suffering with back pain back to normal activity quicker, without surgery.

The treatment is thought to speed up the healing process by 80%, as opposed to surgery, and is a combination of techniques using spinal decompression, muscle massage and cold laser therapy. Though results aren’t immediate – doctors recommend twenty 90-minute treatments over a six-week period – it is much better for those not wanting to go under the knife. Some have reported a full recovery in only four or five treatments.

Spinal decompression uses a machine that pulls the spine to target specific vertebrae, pulling the precise disk that needs to be pulled away from the nerve. Used in tandem with massage and cold laser therapy, it might quickly become the best alternative treatment for back pain today. Each session averages about $200-$250.

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