Monday, June 23, 2008

New Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease Erases Nearly All the Devastating Symptoms of the Disease

Recently, California researchers believe they have found therapy that improves brain cell communication in Alzheimer’s patients. The new therapy involves injecting Alzheimer’s patients who have severe symptoms with an anti arthritis drug known as etanercept.

Currently, only fifty patients at a private clinic in California have experienced the rejuvenating affects of etanercept. Amazingly, about ninety percent respond to the therapy almost immediately. Patients experience significant improvement in memory, ability to calculate and think, verbal communication, and there is even some improvement for patients with impaired gait.

Think about it, patients who have not recognized their significant others in years can now not only remember who they are but also carry on a conversation. Researchers indicate that patients continue to improve for about three months with each weekly injection. With current medical therapy, the only hope is to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Many medical professionals were initially skeptical about the promises of this new therapy, however the clinic has performed etanercept therapy on many patients with the same result. Now medical professionals are calling for a larger controlled study of the therapy, so that the results can be evidenced on a larger scale. If etanercept does well in clinical trials, it may become the preferred method of treatment for Alzheimer’s patients in the future.

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