Monday, July 28, 2008

Once you are approved for SSD are minor children automatically approved for SSI?

A commenter asked this question recently. Here's the answer to the question: If you are approved for SSD (social security disability), your children may receive a benefit that is payable from your earnings record. If your earnings over the years were such that there is money left on the record for your children,then you can file a claim for Social Security benefits for them. The children will be entitled to receive a benefit on your record until they turn 18 or 19 if they are in high school.

Does this situation apply if the adult who was approved for disability will be receiving their benefits solely from the SSI disability program?

SSI is a need based disability program, and for this reason there are no benefits for children who are simply children of a disabled individual. If a child is found to be entitled to SSI benefits, it is only after they have been proven to have a disabling condition that prevents them from performing age-appropriate behaviors.

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