Thursday, July 31, 2008

Researchers Have Found a Drugless, Natural Way to Control Diabetes

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a free, natural and healthy way to control type II diabetes? There are many drugs out there that can help control type II diabetes and they range from first line meds like to metformin (glucophage) to various sulfalynurias (pardon me if I butchered the spelling on that) such as glimiperide (trade name: amayrl)and even newer drugs such as januvia (available in combined form with metformin, under the name janumet). And patients would be wise to be compliant with the meds they've been prescribed (the last thing you want is uncontrolled or even poorly controlled glucose levels, i.e. retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy). However, researchers have found there is also a way to burn fat and lower your blood glucose levels naturally – walking.

Professor Roy Taylor and Dr. Michael Trenell, researchers from Newcastle University, found in their study that those who walked 45 minutes a day not only burnt 20 percent more fat than those who did not, but also reduced their blood glucose levels significantly in a matter of a few weeks.

How does walking help control diabetes?

The body stores sugar in the bloodstream and muscles of the body – with muscles being the biggest storehouse of sugar. When there are high levels of fat in the blood and muscles, it interferes with effective sugar storage. When one exercises, the mitochondria (also known as cellular power houses since they generate energy within the cells of the body) burn up fat and sugar.

Exercise helps the mitochondria work more efficiently and burn more sugar and fat. In turn, blood glucose levels drop. Viola!

Is this a cure for type 2 diabetes? No, but there is increasing evidence that physical activity helps ameliorate the severity and effects of diabetes. There is also mounting evidence that
excess abdominal fat can either lead to or worsen type II. So, by all means, walk.

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