Friday, July 25, 2008

What does a Disability Lawyer Charge if the Disability Case is Lost?

If you retain the services of a Social Security disability lawyer or disability representative to help you with your disability claim, you should understand that Social Security allows your lawyer to charge “out of pocket expenses” even if your disability claim is lost.

So what is a disability lawyer allowed to charge if your disability claim is lost? Your charges usually depend upon the fee agreement or contract you signed with your disability lawyer. Currently, Social Security allows disability lawyers to charge an individual for expenses incurred while pursuing your Social Security disability claim, if they are valid expenses such as travel, medical records or reports, or even copying expenses. Some disability lawyers have fee contracts that state if your disability claim is lost you will be responsible for no charges, while other fee contracts or agreements require that you pay for out of pocket expenses even if you lose your claim.

Remember, Social Security disability lawyer fee agreements are legally binding contracts; therefore you must pay the expenses you agreed to pay. This is why it is important for you to read your fee agreement thoroughly before signing, so that you are aware of the expenses that you are expected to pay whether you win or lose your Social Security disability claim.

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