Friday, August 29, 2008

Social Security Disability and a Case of Foreclosure

The article linked below regards a man who is actually having his home foreclosed on by the city of Milwaukee Wisconsin...for failure to pay a $50.00 parking ticket.

Peter Tubic was fined for parking an unlicensed vehicle in his parent's driveway (Good god, it wasn't even on the street) He didn't pay the ticket and it escalated to $2600.00 and then resulted in a lien. Now, Milwaukee is trying to seize his home, valued at $245,000.00...for what was originally a fifty dollar ticket (and remember, he was in his own parent's driveway, not on a city street).

Does the legal system in this country have nothing better to do. Violent criminals are furloughed in various states, individuals who rape get paltry sentences, and yet we have to seize homes from citizens for pathetic reasons like this.

Those who champion the strictest interpretation of "law and order" above all else might say, "Hey he should have paid his fine and been done with it. Any rational person would".

Guess what? Mr. Tubic, according to the article, has been deemed both phyically and mentally disabled by social security since 2001.

If you haven't noticed, in recent years local governments and police have really gone over the edge in how they treat the disabled who have mental illness. As an example, there was the case of the elderly woman in a wheelchair who was waving a knife. She was tasered---to death. "But she had a knife and was clearly endangering the lives of others". Give me a break. How fast can someone go in a wheelchair? 2 miles an hour? She was no threat to anyone. she was 82!.

To allow a disabled individual, with a mental impairment, to lose his home over a 50 dollar fine simply because some smug city bureaucrats want to make a point is clearly abusive. And these kinds of bureaucrats do not serve the interests of the public who pay their salaries. So, why do we keep them on staff?

Answer--we shouldn't.

Social Security Disability, mental illness, and bad city policy

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