Thursday, January 15, 2009

Genetic factors in fibromyalgia help to identify patients

Fibromyalgia is not quite understood. The disorder is not thought to be an actual disease, and most doctors call it a syndrome - fibromyalgia syndrome. The reason the disorder (or syndrome) is so misunderstood is because the symptoms can vary from person to person and the diagnosis of the disorder is still controversial. There is no cure; though symptom-related therapies and medications can help suffers lead more productive lives.

Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread pain and a heightened, oftentimes painful, sensitivity to touch, but can be accompanied by a host of other symptoms and issues. To try and understand the disorder better, researchers are studying the genetic factors of people with the disorder.

The following article is an in-depth look at a crucial genetic study involving fibromyalgia patients and a set of healthy controls. The article discusses how the study was held, how the patients were separated into groups based on genetic features, how the participants in the study were evaluated, how long the study was held, and the outcome of the results.

May genetic factors in fibromyalgia help to identify patients?

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