Friday, February 06, 2009

Chronic Pain Increases Suicide

It may not sound like ground-breaking news, but a new study found that those who suffer from chronic pain are more likely to think about and attempt suicide. It makes sense; those living with constant pain would seem to enjoy life less, become depressed, and feel that life is not worth living if they could not get their pain under control. While that makes sense logically, it is now proven through research.

The following article discusses the findings of the study, which consisted of 5,700 adults from the United States. The study shows that those with severe headaches were twice as likely to contemplate or attempt suicide as opposed to those not experiencing pain, while those with chronic pain (not caused by arthritis) were four times more likely.

The article quotes lead researcher Dr. Mark A. Ilgen and talks about the various evidence and conclusions that prove those with chronic pain are more likely to attempt or contemplate suicide than those without chronic pain.

People in chronic pain show higher suicide risk

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