Monday, February 09, 2009

Chronic Pain Management for Veterans

Pain management is a huge issue for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. According to a recent study, post-traumatic stress syndrome and/or major depression has been reported by nearly 300,000 service members, while the VA estimates that over 6,000 veterans (from all eras) commit suicide every year. Chronic pain from injuries is a huge disability issue for veterans as nearly half of the veterans in combat return home reporting pain-related problems. Over 33,000 have been wounded in action from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The following article focuses on chronic pain and the depression and suicide it causes for veterans. The article speaks with ex-service member Bob Monroe, who tells his story of his chronic pain, and also shows that different agencies (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines) offer different disability pay levels for injuries.

The article also highlights The Veterans Pain Care Policy Act and the Military Pain Care Act, which were signed into effect in October. These new pieces of legislation call for comprehensive pain-care programs for those with chronic pain, whether active or retired.

Combat injuries can afflict veterans with pain for years

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