Sunday, February 01, 2009

Social Security Disability Compassionate Allowances and Quick Disability Decisions

A visitor to the website of Charles Hall (a north carolina disability attorney, former President of Nosscr, the national organization of social security claimant's representatives, and publisher of possibly the best insider's blog on the internal goings-on of the social security administration) basically asked the question: what is the difference between quick disability determination decisions and compassionate allowances?

Mr. Hall threw invited a response to the question and got one from JOA, an individual who is a great and valued contributor to the site, SSA Connect---offline for now, but arguably the best hub on the web for those who are attached professionally in some way to the social security disability system, including attorneys, disability examiners, field office claims reps, and even ALJs (administrative law judges).

JOA quoted some internal agency material which stated that QDD (quick disability determination) cases and compassionate allowance cases are processed in the same way, the largest difference being that, of the predictive models used for selecting cases to be processed under either system, the predictive model for compassionate allowance cases is simpler.

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