Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Social Security Disability SSI and Hepatitis

Social Security evaluates Hepatitis under the digestive system category in the Social Security disability handbook.

Social Security must have a diagnosis of hepatitis that is confirmed by a biopsy with one of the following conditions if an individual is to meet or equal the disability handbook listing. The conditions are:

1. Ascites that has persisted or been recurrent for three months or more and has required paracentesis (removal of fluid in the abdomen) or persistent hypoalbuminemia of 3.0 or less.

2. A serum bilirubin of 2.5 or more with repeated testing within the past three months.

3. A diagnosis of hepatic cell necrosis or inflammation that has been documented by abnormal prothrombin time and other enzymes associated with hepatic dysfunction that has persisted for three months or more.

These criteria are what it would take to potentially meet or equal a listing in the Social Security Impairment Handbook. If you have any one of the above mentioned conditions along with a diagnosis of Hepatitis documented by a biopsy, you will most likely be approved for disability.

You may be able to win disability benefits from Social Security even if you do not meet or equal the above mentioned criteria for individuals with chronic liver disease.

Remember, Social Security disability is based upon an individual’s residual functional capacity (what an individual is capable of doing in spite of the limitations cause by their disabling medical or mental conditions or conditions). Therefore, if your hepatitis has prevented your from performing substantial gainful work activity for the past twelve months or you expect that it will prevent your work activity for twelve months or more, your condition may be severe enough to apply and be approved for Social Security or Supplemental Security Income disability benefits.

Social Security considers the limitations imposed upon an individual by their disabling condition or conditions to be a truer indicator of their disability than what an individual’s particular condition is.

Consequently, the answer is yes, you can get Social Security disability if you have hepatitis if it so severely limits your daily activities that you are unable to perform substantial work activity.

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