Monday, June 29, 2009

Health Insurance Companies Shouldn't have the Right to Drop You When you get Sick

This is simply my opinion. However, opinion forms the basis for the type of society that we live in. Because as voters and taxpayers, ultimately we make those decisions ourselves. And the worst thing we can do is cede those decisions to private industry, policy wonks, and flighty politicians.

This is why the issue of national health insurance is so important.

1. You shouldn't have to worry about being able to get health insurance if you lose your job and have a pre-existing condition.

2. You shouldn't have to stay connected to a job and pass up opportunities to take other jobs because you have a pre-existing condition.

3. You shouldn't be in the position of not being able to take needed medications because you have lost a job and, due to a pre-existing condition, cannot get insured.

4. You shouldn't have to worry about something like the Medical Insurance Bureau, or MIB, keeping records on you for years, potentially affecting your ability to get insured.

5. You shouldn't be subjected to premium costs that are so high that you simply cannot pay for insurance, though you would be quite willing to pay a reasonable premium cost.

6. Your insurance company shouldn't have the right to drop you like a hot potato simply dared to make claims on your health insurance policy beyond routine office visits.

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