Saturday, August 29, 2009

What if you get Social Security Disability Benefits and you move to another state?

Does it matter if you got your benefits awarded in one state say MN and you move to another say NY before a CDR takes place? Will it effect a review? Trigger a Review?


Social Security is a federal agency, so it is not a problem to move from state to state. However, it is always important for Social Security to have a valid address and phone number for you.

A move never triggers any kind of disability review. In fact, when your initial disability claim was approved a diary date was set for your review and, for most people, that is when your disability claim will be reviewed.

However, there are things that could trigger a disability review; the most common trigger is work activity. Especially, if your work activity is above the substantial gainful activity earning amount. It is very important to report all work activity to Social Security so that you do not get overpaid.

Having said that, even work activity rarely triggers more than a work review unless you are working continuously at an SGA level.

I would like to mention if you are receiving Supplemental Security Income disability (SSI), your disability may go down. The cut in benefits would not be due to Social Security, rather it would be an effect of losing a state subsidy (some states offer a little extra money if an individual is receiving SSI). For example, if you moved from New York (a state that has a subsidy) to a state that does not, you would lose the money that you receive monthly from the state.

So in answer to the question, you can move around all you like...just make sure that Social Security can locate you when your continuing disability review comes up.

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