Thursday, January 07, 2010

Denial for Supplemental Security Income Disability Benefits

Comments from Essie:

"My husband didn't even apply yet and received a letter the other day saying that he was denied because his retirement is $35,000 a year. Is this fair. Shouldn't he proceed with his application?"


I am guessing that your husband received an informal denial for the Supplemental Security Income disability program (SSI). Social Security administers two disability programs: Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income disability (SSI). SSI is a need -based disability program, and as such, it is subject to income and resource limits. When your husband made an appointment to apply for disability with Social Security, he was most likely asked questions about income to address any potential SSI entitlement. Since your husband is receiving thirty-five thousand a year he definitely was not eligible for a need-based disability program.

Social Security disability is based upon an insured status that is gained through work activity in the years prior to becoming disabled. Consequently, income and resources have no bearing whatsoever on an individual's eligibility for Social Security disability. Your husband should proceed with his disability claim, because he can receive both retirement benefits from his employer and Social Security disability benefits.

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