Tuesday, April 06, 2010

How long will my case be at the social security hearing office before it is scheduled?

Someone wrote and stated that, in their particular case, a request for a hearing had been filed nearly a year ago and that they had received a letter from social security stating that hearing requests take approximately fifteen and a half months.

How long will it take to get your social security hearing scheduled after the request has been submitted? It depends on backlogs. And backlogs are subject to where you live. It's been a fairly well-known fact for quite a few years that hearings can take well over a year regardless of where you live. However, for some states and localities, hearings can easily take over two years. It makes sense. Areas with higher population densities (big cities) and certain industry-demographic characteristics (such as detroit) are likely to have more per capita cases in the pipeline.

Contrast this to how things were in 1999 and 2000 when you might be able to receive a denial on a request for reconsideration, file a request for a hearing before an administrative law judge, and then actually get a social security hearing scheduled in 3-5 months. Those times are certainly over for now.

One thing is clear, however. Because the wait for a hearing can be so long, and so financially injurious (going long periods without income has that effect), individuals filing for disability should:

1. Realize in advance that the process, from beginning to end, may take a long time.

2. Never give up on their claim, meaning, in most cases, they should pursue their claim at least as far as the hearing level.

3. Should avoid time-consuming mistakes such as:

A) Missing the deadline to file an appeal (which can mean starting over from the beginning);

B) Mistakenly applying for disability all over again instead of filing an appeal after a claim has been turned down;

C) Missing important scheduled events such as appointments for consultative medical exams and...hearings (believe it or not, quite a few people wait practically forever for a hearing and then, on the day of the hearing, do not show up.

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