Thursday, April 15, 2010

Will a Disability Attorney Help You Obtain Your Medical Records?

Ideally, your disability representative, who can be an attorney or a non-attorney representative, should get his or her hands on all the medical evidence that's available in order to help bolster your claim for social security disability or SSI. After all, disability claims are won on the basis of proving that a claimant has the sort of functional limitations (which can be mental or physical or both) that make it impossible to work and earn a substantial and gainful income. And functional limitations are borne out by what is indicated in the medical evidence.

Unfortunately, though many disability representatives will advance the cost of records (translation: pay for the medical records upfront and, later, when the case is done, ask you to reimburse them for the cost), not every disability representative, or disability lawfirm, or non-attorney representation company will do this.

Of course, having to pay the upfront costs for gathering records can be a significant burden for many claimants, particularly since the income and resources available to a person filing for disability is negligible at best and nonexistent at worst.

At the same time, however, for disability representatives who handle a large number of claims annually, with standing caseloads of several hundred cases, the cost for obtaining records can be significant. Nonetheless, how your prospective representative handles the acquisition of medical records may be a question that you wish to ask about.

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