Sunday, May 02, 2010

Is Rental Income Counted Against My Social Security Disability Check?

If you own some rental properties, the income you derive from them will not affect your disability check. Social Security excuses rental income if the disability applicant does not perform services to tenants other than routine maintenance of the rental property. Conversely, if you have some rental property that provides investment income to you, it is not considered to be self-employment or wages. Social Security is only concerned with work activity.

Basically, anything that is being reported as net self-employment earnings, salary, or wages can affect your eligibility to receive a Social Security disability check. Rental income could count as wages if you own a property management firm that manages rental properties. Social Security counts the income derived from rental properties if you are a property management firm that performs the services normally provided by a business that rents property.

It is important to remember that disability eligibility depends upon an individual being unable to perform work activity that is considered to be substantial, so if an individual owns and operates a rental property management firm this is most likely earnings or the person is doing work that could be considered substantial gainful activity.

In this case, the individual is making managerial decisions, taking payment for their management services, and basically performing the job that any business owner would perform. You are subject to all of the substantial gainful activity guidelines and if your net income or salary is over the monthly SGA limits, your disability may be suspended or even terminated due to your work activity.

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