Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dying Young from Lou Gehrig's Disease

Life is many things but seldom fair.

I saw a video link about this story and so many things about it stunned me. To confront death so young, to be the third generation, after your mother and grandmother, to die of the same disease, and to want to experience all that you possibly can within the span of time you have remaining. That's the story of Sabrina Kay Parker. And the story of her boyfriend, Matt Scozzari, as it fits within her story, is nearly as compelling. If you read the story, it may blow you away. I'd be a little surprised if it didn't. But the amount of bravery, courage and hope it conveys is truly tremendous. And it is absolutely a story that should have been shared, both to inspire others and to remind them of what young people, and people in general, can be capable of.

Normally, the younger the patient, the slower the disease's progression. But Sabrina was deteriorating rapidly

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