Monday, July 23, 2012

Having to File for Disability should not be taken lightly

A few days ago, I responded to a question someone wrote (Waiting for a Disability Hearing, how often should I see my doctor? ).

After I gave them my answer, they wrote back with the following. I'm posting it because, with all of the marketing drivel that goes on in the Social Security Disability arena (win your case!, we fight for you!), it's nice to see/read the human element. It's also very nice to read a thank you and to realize that sometimes the information that is put online is very helpful to people.

Which is why, of course, Social Security Disability sites that are written by people who know nothing about the process, have a poor command of the english language (perhaps because they are in Pakistan, Iran, India, China, etc), and are only looking to cash in on marketing dollars truly disgust me. And I sincerely wish that Google, the so-called leader in search engine technology, would somehow learn to distinguish between what is a real information site and what is simply a marketing turd, i.e. a ripoff site.

Anyway, here's the response:

"Thank you very much, this helps me a lot.... as it is now I go about every 3-4 months... And yes I have seen the same doctor for over 12 years and he and the nurse practioner all know I have applied and actually the last 2 years I was working I was on FMLA due to the pain, spasm and swelling due to my health condition which has never been given a name. My blood that I would get while I was still working which was every 3 months it always should major inflammation however I believe I was ruled out as having RA... but it was mentioned maybe Fibromyalgia or MS.... some days I am ok and some days I just can't get out of mind always says YES I CAN DO THAT and by the time I get a shower I am worn out.... when I do attempt to go to town and by groceries and I am out of the house walking for 2 hours I pay for it so bad within hours of settling down... I start hurting even before I get home... I know it is so hard to prove pain But at least I do have evidence of back problem which is another issue my last MRI several years ago and I can afford to pay cash for an MRI so I hope the judge accepts the previous MRI's and CT scans... anyway thank you so much..." Other Posts

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